Those who served overseas in the AIF during the First World War.

Most common abbreviations relating to Fate:

Acc Kd Accidentally killed DOC Died of other causes Disch Discharged RTA Returned to Australia
DOD Died of disease DOW Died of wounds KIA Killed in action SOS Struck off strength

Regimental No. Last held Rank Surname First Name/s Final Unit Date Enlisted Fate Date of Fate
2050 Sgt O'DRISCOLL John 53rd Battalion 13-Jan-1915 R.T.A. 21-Mar-1919
1596A Pte O'DRISCOLL James Edward 9thBattalion 21-Dec-1914 R.T.A. 11-Jan-1918
139 Pte O'DRISCOLL Michael James 1st D.A.C. 24-Feb-1915 R.T.A. 19-Apr-1919
3904 Pte O'DRISCOLL Morgan Ernest 51st Battalion 11-May-1917 R.T.A. 30-Jun-1918
4189 Pte O'DRISCOLL Peter 17th Battalion 18-Oct-1915 R.T.A. 5-Apr-1919
2525 Pte O'DRISCOLL Patrick Joseph 13th L.T.M. Bty. 23-Mar-1916 R.T.A. 19-Oct-1918
1947 Pte O'DRISCOLL Thomas 42nd Battalion 1-Dec-1916 R.T.A. 30-Jan-1918
2486A Pte O'DRISCOLL - - - - -
690 Pte DRISCOLL Alfred 8th. L.H. 27-Oct-2014 K.I.A. 7-Aug-1915
7371 Sgt DRISCOLL Alfred Daniel 2nd D.A.C. 3-Aug-2015 R.T.A. 20-May-1919
6152 Pte DRISCOLL Allen Ernest 39th Battalion 9-Feb-1916 K.I.A. 12-Jul-1918
1676 L/Cpl DRISCOLL Bertie 58th Battalion 26-Jan-1916 R.T.A. 16-Aug-1919
2570 Pte DRISCOLL Cornelius Allen 35th Battalion 13-Sep-1916 R.T.A. 11-May-1919
1903 L/Cpl DRISCOLL Charles Percy 46th Battalion 27-Mar-1916 R.T.A. 6-Nov-1918
18542 Cpl DRISCOLL Clarence Rheuben A.M.C. 4-Oct-1916 - -
2565 Pte DRISCOLL Daniel 44th Battalion 25-Jul-1916 R.T.A. 5-Nov-1917
4341 Pte DRISCOLL Dennis 2nd Battalion 24-Sep-1915 R.T.A. 25-Jan-1919
6731 Pte DRISCOLL Daniel Aloysius 2nd Battalion 9-Aug-1916 Disch 23-Apr-1919
1028 Cpl DRISCOLL Darcy Wilmot 15th Battalion 21-Sep-1914 R.T.A. 13-Feb-1917
12707 Dvr DRISCOLL Edward 1st A.M.T.Coy 1-Feb-1916 R.T.A. 20-Mar-1919
15949 Dvr DRISCOLL Ellis A.R.D.Trn 12-Nov-1917 R.T.A. 28-Jul-1919
2824 Cpl DRISCOLL Eric 1st M.G.Bn 9-Aug-1915 R.T.A. 24-Dec-1918
2352 L/Cpl DRISCOLL Fredrick Thomas 15th Battalion 11-May-1915 D.O.W. 15-Aug-1917
2051 Pte DRISCOLL Fred William 33rd Battalion 29-Apr-1916 R.T.A. 11-May-1919
11468 Gnr DRISCOLL Harold Alwell 2nd D.A.C. 10-Aug-1915 R.T.A. 4-Jun-1919
- Lieut DRISCOLL Harold Jerome (DCM) 2nd Div Arty 10-Aug-1915 R.T.A. 1-Jun-1919
15253 Gnr DRISCOLL Hilton Roy 6th (ARMY)A.F.A. 15-Dec-1915 R.T.A. 15-Jun-1918
1797 Pte DRISCOLL James 24th Battalion 11-Jun-1915 K.I.A. 7-Jan-1918
2310 Pte DRISCOLL James 6th Battalion 6-Oct-1916 R.T.A. 2-Jan-1918
862 Pte DRISCOLL John 17th Battalion 2-Feb-1915 Disch 27-Feb-1919
3086 Pte DRISCOLL John 5th Div Arty 14-Sep-1915 R.T.A. 17-Mar-1917
851 Pte DRISCOLL Joseph 2nd A.Sal.Corps 31-Mar-1915 R.T.A. 8-Apr-1919
2648 Pte DRISCOLL Joseph 53rd Battalion 15-Apr-1916 R.T.A. 27-Aug-1917
4478 Pte DRISCOLL Joseph 5th M.G.Bn 3-Aug-1915 R.T.A. 12-May-1918
2814 Pte DRISCOLL John Anthony 7th L.H. 28-Dec-1915 R.T.A. 28-Jun-1919
3161 Pte DRISCOLL Joseph Francis 2nd M.G.Bn 26-Jun-1916 - -
5806 Pte DRISCOLL John James 5th L.T.M.B. 27-Apr-1916 R.T.A. 12-Jun-1919
4106 Pte DRISCOLL John Kilwick 18th Battalion 30-Nov-1915 R.T.A. 24-Jun-1916
925 Sgt DRISCOLL James Patrick 2nd Battalion 28-Aug-1914 R.T.A. 8-Oct-1918
4024 Pte DRISCOLL James Richard 3rd Battalion 25-Sep-1915 K.I.A. 22-Sep-1917
12 Cpl DRISCOLL John Bertram 32nd Battalion 1-Jul-1915 R.T.A. 13-Feb-1917
1516 L/Cpl DRISCOLL Kevin (MM) 12th Battalion 11-Dec-1914 D.O.W. 14-Nov-1917
2653 Pte DRISCOLL Leslie George 50th Battalion 1-Aug-1916 R.T.A. 15-Jun-1919
3352 Pte DRISCOLL Lionel John 31st Battalion 26-Jan-1916 R.T.A. 10-Jun-1919
- Lieut DRISCOLL Leanord Seagram 9th L.H. 22-Oct-1914 R.T.A. 17-Jul-1919
3373 Pte DRISCOLL Maurice 51st Battalion 21-Oct-1916 R.T.A. 21-Dec-1917
6546 Pte DRISCOLL Maurice Alexander A.A.M.C. 26-Apr-1916 R.T.A. 8-Aug-1918
542 Sgt DRISCOLL Oswald James (MSM) 42nd Battalion 30-Dec-1915 K.I.A. 2-Feb-1918
3629 Pte DRISCOLL Percy 5th M.G.Bn 18-Sep-1914 R.T.A. 8-May-1919
3729 L/Col DRISCOLL Percy 6th Battalion 6-Jul-1915 R.T.A. 28-Aug-1919
2367 Pte DRISCOLL Phillip 9th Battalion 8-Aug-1915 R.T.A. 12-Apr-1919
38204 Gnr DRISCOLL Percival Alfred 6th (ARMY)A.F.A. 3-Apr-1917 R.T.A. 23-Jul-1919
913 Pte DRISCOLL Roland Edward 23rd Battalion 23-Feb-1915 K.I.A. 21-Oct-1915
5082 Pte DRISCOLL Richard Francis 57th Battalion 27-Jan-1916 R.T.A. 17-Jun-1918
5566 Sgt DRISCOLL Robert Henry 17th Battalion 17-Feb-1916 R.T.A. 13-Apr-1919
4455 Pte DRISCOLL Roy John 3rd Battalion 26-Aug-1915 D.O.D. 17-Mar-1918
3049 Pte DRISCOLL Richard Joseph 3rd Battalion 24-Jul-1915 R.T.A. 28-Mar-1919
4565 Spr DRISCOLL Roy Thomas 8th Fld. Coy. Engrs. 31-Mar-1915 - -
2380 Pte DRISCOLL Sidney Frederick 14th L.H. 8-Feb-1917 R.T.A. 2-Jan-1919
100 Pte DRISCOLL Thomas 5th N.G.En. 19-Jul-1915 R.T.A. 24-Aug-1918
1940 L/Cpl DRISCOLL Thomas 9th Battalion 6-Jan-1915 R.T.A. 5-Apr-1917
262 Pte DRISCOLL Timothy 10th L.H. 26-Oct-1914 R.T.A. 4-Aug-1915
417 Pte DRISCOLL Timothy 3rd Pioneers 10-Jan-1916 D.O.W. 29-May-1918
1014 Pte DRISCOLL Timothy 10th L.H. 1-Mar-1915 R.T.A. 10-Jul-1919
1210 Gnr DRISCOLL Thomas Francis 1st F.A.Bde 15-May-1916 R.T.A. 31-May-1919
3136 L/Cpl DRISCOLL Timothy Joseph 10th L.H. 28-May-1916 R.T.A. 10-Jul-1919
1904A Pte DRISCOLL Thomas William (MM) & Bar A.A.M.C. 5-Apr-1916 R.T.A. 28-Aug-1919
3746 Cpl DRISCOLL Vincent (MM) 3rd Battalion 19-Aug-1915 R.T.A. 31-Oct-1917
1317 Sgt DRISCOLL Wilfred 2nd L.H. 19-May-1915 R.T.A. 13-Mar-1919
618 Pte DRISCOLL William 12th Battalion 7-Sep-1914 R.T.A. 24-Jun-1916
922 Sdr DRISCOLL William 14th F.A.Bde 9-Jul-1915 R.T.A. 21-Jun-1919
2776 Pte DRISCOLL William 33rd Battalion 9-Nov-1916 R.T.A. 23-May-1917
4483 Pte DRISCOLL Willia A.Emp.Coy. 10-Jul-1915 R.T.A. 16-Apr-1918
7467 Pte DRISCOLL William John 8th Battalion 20-Jun-1917 R.T.A. 8-Jan-1919