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The O'Driscoll Clan Gathering (click here)

The O'Driscoll Clan Gathering takes place on the last full weekend of June each year and is a gathering of O Driscoll's from around the world. The festival begins on Friday with the registration of Clan members followed by a talk on the general history of the O Driscolls.

The festival is opened officially in the square and followed by a reception in the village. After the opening Traditional Music takes place in the square, and a Banquet for Clan members.

On Saturday there is a trip to Cape Clear where Clan members take a stroll around the island, visit the museum, have lunch & sing a few songs in the pub.

On Sunday a Clan Mass is held.  At 3p.m. the Installation of a new Clan Chieftain takes place in the square.

Trip to the Orkney Islands (click here)

This page covers my first trip to the Orkney Islands north of Scotland in 2002.

Welcome to John O'Driscoll's Family History

Knowing who you are and where you are going is about understanding where you came from, and the people who have had an influence on those who influenced you.

I didn't know all of my extended family, just my mother's side, parents and siblings, and my father's mother. (his father died after he was born) Family history wasn't really discussed.

This web site is part of my attempt to unravel the history, and to ensure that my children have a better knowledge of where they came from as they move into the future.