Determining Factors for a Good Economy

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The country’s economy definitely affects the way of life of its citizenry. However, only the actually know and care to know about this matter. The ordinary people especially those who are in slum areas never bother to know about the economy. This is because they have not felt in any way the effects of it in their day to day living. They might have the capacity for spending some of their hard earned money but they never had the chance to feel the after effects of their purchasing powers in whichever way they possibly can.

Maybe due to the fact that they need to go through all the hassles just to get through the day, they lose the interest of knowing what has happened to their country’s economy. There are actually so many factors affecting the country’s economy. However, only a handful of the citizenry actually have the knowledge to identify the factors to determine a real good economy. Here are some of those that might add up to your knowledge:

  • High purchasing power of the citizenry – if the people have the capabilities of purchasing all the things they might need, then it is among the many determining factors that the country’s economy indeed is doing well. This would mean that many of the citizens are either employed or having a business of their own enough to sustain the needs of their family.
  • Easy access of basic services from government – if all basic commodities are readily provided by the government to its people, then it will be construed that its economy is doing well and good. This is because it has the needed funds to provide the basic services to its people.
  • Flourishing businesses – the many different kinds of businesses sprouting in different parts of the country is enough prove that the country’s economy is really doing great.


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